The Sixth Form curriculum offers a strong academic core of A – Levels and Applied General Qualifications. We are proud to offer a broad curriculum with the arts, languages, humanities, technology, sport and STEM subjects all available to our students.

Our Sixth Form is exceptionally successful and is recognised as one of the best non-selective state schools in the country in terms of results and success in gaining places at Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities. Students are organised into 9 forms in years 12 and 13.

Our courses are delivered over two years. Students will typically study three subjects for the duration of the time at Sixth Form. However, students with an average GCSE grade score of 7 or above will be encouraged to study four subjects in year 12 before dropping one of their subjects at the start of year 13. It is expected that every student will take three subjects through to year 13.

The Ecclesbourne Sixth Form Curriculum is at least as much about what goes on outside the timetable. We expect students to throw themselves into the life of the school, gaining experience and life skills in the process. There isn’t space here to do justice to the full range of enrichment and extra-curricular experience on offer but the following gives some flavour. Year 7 Mentoring, Lesson Support work, Debating Society, Community Ambassadors, Duke of Edinburgh Silver & Gold, Spoken English Competition, House Plays, House Sports and so on. The sky really is the limit, and the more you put in, the more you will benefit.