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Exam Board: AQA

Contact: Mr J. Cuthbert


The world around us is changing. Societies are rising and falling at a terrifying rate but the opportunities offered are tantalising and vast. People are changing how they communicate, with the rise of globalisation and domination of digital media hastening the sharing of ideas, the pace of change and increasing opportunities to be involved. In order to make sense of this, we follow the AQA exam board.

Sociology at the Ecclesbourne School is about understanding those changes, harnessing the power of the theorists and idealists that have analysed the themes and shifting currents and attempting to make sense of what we see around us. By studying education, crime and deviance, families and households and mass media we analyse how theories influence the methods of gaining the data to study these topics and the methods of research in the context of education - why you can't trust statistics released on attainment from schools and have to be aware of how data is gained!

All of this should provide not only a fascinating area of study but also allows students to access scientific data management in the future combined with an ability to analyse and present data in a way that will attract future employment.

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A Level Sociology

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5 GCSES 4-9 or A*-C to include Maths and English Lang or Lit Grade 5

Where can Sociology take me?

Sociology is widely respected by universities, with many accepting it as either a scientific or humanities based subject. It can lead to many exciting (and powerful) careers - especially those involved with 'people processing'. Many sociologists find their skills useful in journalism, social work, prison work and in all aspects of business.


Paper 1 - Education, with Research Methods 2 hour exam 33.3%
Paper 2 - Family & Household/Mass Media 2 hour exam 33.3%
Paper 3 - Crime & Deviance, Theory and Methods 2 hour exam 33.3%

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Sociology curriculum please email for more information.