Re-taking External Examinations Modules (Through our Web Shop):

Please follow these simple instructions whilst completing the appropriate (GCE or GCSE) Examination Re-take Form which can be obtained from outside the Examinations Office.

  1. Identify the correct module code(s), examination board, level (GCE or GCSE) and tier (Higher or Foundation – GCSE only).
  2. Clearly mark the student’s name and form on the top of the re-take form.
  3. Browse to our Web Shop. Identify the correct payment band that each of the chosen modules falls within, this can be found on the reverse of the re-take form.
  4. Log-in and make a payment for the appropriate total number of entries in each payment band. (e.g. 2 at band A and 3 at band C)
  5. Take care to make sure everything is correct and complete and return the completed re-take form to the Examinations Office by the entry deadline stated at the bottom of the form.
  6. Once the form has been returned we will complete the entry, checking that the correct payment has been authorised by you. Any discrepancies could jeopardise the timely completion of the entry process which could result in you incurring additional costs as late entry fees.

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