Post-results Services

In accordance with the procedures laid down by the examination boards the school provides staff and students with the facility to request particular services following the publishing of results. Such requests must be made through the school; individuals will not be able to request this service directly from the examination boards. The school is charged for these services and so the costs are passed on to the student or department requesting them. The costs vary from board to board; follow the exam re-takes link at the bottom of the page for current charges.

There is a variety of requests that staff, students or parents can make:

  • Review of marking
  • Request the return of the original script (AQA only).
  • Request the return of a photocopy of the original script
  • Review of marking and return of photocopy or original script
  • Clerical check

The result of any marking review will replace the mark and grade originally awarded. This could result in a mark and grade falling as the result of such a request and so such a request must be considered carefully.

In some cases your teacher may decide to request one of these services, alternatively you can seek the advice of the exams office.

Requests must be made within a short period of time of the publishing of results. Students continuing to University can request a priority service to ensure any changes are received by the Universities in good time.

If you wish to proceed with a request you must speak to the examinations office as soon as possible after the release of results, they may be able to advise you and inform you of any deadlines that must be met.

Requesting a Post-Results Service Through ParentPay

The major services available are:

  • Remarking of a script.
  • Return of an original exam script.
  • Supply of a scan or photocopy of an examination script.

This service is available by following the Cashless School link and then returning the form to the Exams Office. If you require further advice please speak to Mrs E. Harrison in the Examinations office.