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  • Build a whole school culture of excellent attendance
  • High levels of attendance and punctuality levels are promoted and rewarded through the merit system and are celebrated.
  • Some students find it harder than others to attend school. The school will work with students, parents and other local partners to remove any barriers to attendance. This may mean referral to external agencies and referrals to the local authority where the school has exhausted all other avenues of support.
  • Any day-to-day attendance issues that parents or students have should be discussed with the Head of Year. Where more detailed support around attendance is required, parents and students should contact the Head of School or the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  • It is the responsibility of everybody at The Ecclesbourne School to improve attendance and punctuality. Where attendance or punctuality fall short of expected standards, steps will be taken to address this, and sanctions may be applied in accordance with the behaviour policy and statutory guidance.
  • Parents should take their child on holiday during school holiday and authorisation for leave would only be granted by the Head Teacher in extraordinary circumstances



  • To promote good attendance and reduce absence, including persistent absence
  • Ensure every pupil has access to full-time education to which they are entitled
  • Act early to address patterns of absence, which may include referrals to specialist agencies
  • To reduce barriers that may reduce good attendance
  • To reduce the number of students that are persistently late to school through celebration and sanctions
  • Ensure parents perform their legal duty to ensure their children of compulsory school age are registered at school and attend regularly



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Louise Monk

Pastoral Support Worker
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Lisa Tanser

School Nurse
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Clarissa Ourabi

Safeguarding Lead

Heads of School

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Petra Owen-Moore

Head of Lower School
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David Duncker-Brown

Head of Upper School
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Hannah Weller

Head of Sixth Form

Heads of Year

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Sally Smyth

Head of Year 7
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Jake Poplawski

Head of Year 8
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Emma Stott

Head of Year 9
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Mark Sellers

Head of Year 10
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Vicky Dodson

Head of Year 11

Sarah Hadwin

Head of Year 12
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Penelope Bamber

Head of Year 13

In the Curriculum

  • Assemblies to celebrate the success of high attendance
  • PDC lessons on resilience, reducing anxiety and increasing well-being
  • Prize Day ceremonies that celebrate 100% attendance
  • Healthy Friendships/relationships
  • How to effectively improve health and well-being
  • Where to go for support to effectively improve wellbeing




Student Leadership

Our students are excellent in supporting each other and the needs of all our school community.  This mutual support builds effective relationships and supports resliance which leads to excellent attendance.  Where a student may have an issue at any one time then they can turn to their peers for support and help through the student leadership groups this includes;

  • Wellbeing ambassadors- safe space and quiet areas of the school supported by our young people
  • Anti-Bullying Ambassadors – that act as mentors for students that may have been the victims of bullying in the past
  • Student council – to represent the voice of all students and to share any concerns with the Senior Leadership Team and Governors
Diversity Group- to ensure the needs of all our students are represented and reflected


External Information/Support