School Houses

House Information

The house system at Ecclesbourne plays a vital part in the life of the school and involves many of the students in wider extra-curricular experiences. Houses are led by a member of staff, assisted by a team of 12 Sixth-Form House Captains.

The four houses are named Brindley, Chantrey, Flamsteed and Nightingale after famous and inspiring men and women of Derbyshire, and information on each of the houses can be found below. ALL students are placed in one of our four houses at the start of Year 7 and remain in these throughout their time at the school, working in teams across the wider school and supporting the family ethos we strive to achieve. Staff are also all allocated to a House supporting their forms and the interaction with other year groups.

Students represent their House in events such as music, sports and chess throughout the year, enjoying the competition with the support of their House Captains. One of the highlights of the year is the Christmas House Plays – all written, cast and directed by the students. This busy event encourages students to strive to achieve the winning play but like all other House events encourages, participation, organisation and commitment from all House members involved.

When asked what they remember from school we can confidently say that our ex Ecclesbourne students remember their House and the contribution they made as well as the experiences they had together. Included below is a table showing the upcoming house events this year.

Autumn Term: Event: Years
1st Half House Assembly (Sept) All Years
House Mini Olympics 7
Sixth Form Debates 12,13
2nd Half House Assembly All years
House Plays All years
Football 9,10
Hockey 9,10
Netball 9,10
Cross Country 7,10
Spring Term:
1st Half New house captains elected  
2nd Half House Assembly All years
Music Competition All years
Football 7,8
Hockey 7,8
Netball 7,8
Summer Term:
1st Half    
2nd Half House Assembly All years
Sports Day (July) 7 - 10
Rounders 7 - 10
Cricket 9,10