Key Stage 5

The Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Curriculum offers a strong academic core and a range of less traditional options including well established vocational qualifications. Our Sixth Form is exceptionally successful and is ranked as one of the best non-selective state schools in the country in terms of A Level results and success in gaining places at Oxford, Cambridge and Russell Group universities. Students are organised into 9 or 10 forms in the Years 12 and 13, each comprising 20 students. Most students will choose four subjects at AS Level, although we do cater for a three and five AS curriculum, depending upon the needs of the individual. Some students will take ‘IDEAS’, a non-examined course designed to extend the most able, and others ‘Study Plus,’ which helps students to master essential study skills.

Many students will drop one of these subjects at the beginning of Year 13 and focus on three or four through to full A Level. At the end of Year 12, most students should expect to achieve an AS qualification in four subjects, with full A Level qualifications typically in three of these subjects at the end of Year 13. For some students three subjects in Year 12 at AS level is a more suitable option. It is expected that they will then follow all three through to full A level standard. Occasionally, this proves too difficult. In this case, a student may be able to take two subjects through to full A level in Year 13 and study a fourth subject at AS level by following part of a Year 12 timetable. This is a less than ideal situation, however, and will hinge on whether or not the timetable allows it and whether your Head of Year assesses that this is the best route for you. The great majority of our students go on to further study at university and so predicted grades are provided to UCAS based on teachers best estimate of potential informed but not limited by AS results and internal mock examinations.

The Ecclesbourne Sixth Form Curriculum is at least as much about what goes on outside the timetable. We expect students to throw themselves into the life of the school, gaining experience and life skills in the process. There isn’t space here to do justice to the full range of enrichment and extra-curricular experience on offer but the following gives some flavour. Year 7 Mentoring, Lesson Support work, Debating Society, Student Union, Sports leadership, Community Liaison, Duke of Edinburgh Silver & Gold, China Trip, a month volunteering and travelling in Peru, Spoken English Competition, House Plays, House Sports and so on. The sky really is the limit, and the more you put in, the more you will benefit.