The School Library serves everyone in the Ecclesbourne community. We are open from 8am to 4.45pm Monday-Thursday and 8am to 3.40pm Friday for all students with additional hours available to our Sixth Form students only. Our extended hours ensure everyone can make the most of the Library resources, with additional time for private study and completion of homework.

We provide current, relevant and appropriate information to enhance our students learning experience. The School Library plays an active role in learning and stocks a wide range of materials including; fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels, special interest magazines, newspapers and games. Through the social experience of reading we aim to inspire, challenge and encourage students to flourish and build independence.

Our Year 7 & 8 students have dedicated library lessons, during which they are encouraged to browse the stock, read quietly and discuss their experiences with staff in order to develop positive reading choices. Lessons are also designed to allow students to develop and expand valuable study skills and approaches to research.

The school celebrates and actively promotes reading for pleasure by recognising its impact on the development and eventual achievement of our students. With this in mind the Library regularly supports events such as World Book Day, National Poetry Day, organising author visits and other special events such as participating in the National Reading Champions Quiz. Our reading group meet once a week to take part in discussions, exchange ideas about book choices and to follow current book awards.

Library staff

  • Mrs Henry - Librarian
  • Mr Ourabi - After School Assistant

There are also trained student helpers who will serve you at the Library counter.