Key Stage 4 Core PE

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Course Overview

Physical Education remains a compulsory subject in Years 10 and 11 and all students have one hour of curriculum time dedicated to Physical Education. The emphasis in KS4 is on participation and enjoyment to promote a prolonged interest in sport and physical activity.

Students are given the opportunity to select one option route for the year as detailed below:

Route Blocks 1/2 Blocks 3/4 Blocks 5/6 Block 7 Blocks 8/9
1 Table Tennis Rugby Football Cricket Athletics
2 Netball Trampolining Dance Badminton Athletics
3 Football Table Tennis Fitness Softball Cricket
4 Fitness / Dance Volleyball Table Tennis Rounders Fitness Suite
5 Trampolining Fitness Volleyball Table Tennis Table Tennis/Badminton

To improve in any activity, students can attend extra-curricular activities.

The course aims to encourage students to pursue active and healthy lifestyles. This course does not involve an external examination.

Students are assessed on their effort levels only in core PE.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the PE curriculum please email for more information.