Book Group

Our Book Group students are currently reading the books nominated for The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2021. There are 76 titles nominated as contenders to win this prestigious award. The medal is awarded to a book written in English for children and young people that creates an outstanding reading experience through writing.


2 November 2020
Nominations published – 76 titles

18 February 2021
Longlist announcement – 20 titles

18 March 2021
Shortlist announcement – 8 titles

Shadowing group reading, reviews & shadowing activity

1 – 10 June 2021
Shadowers’ Choice Awards voting open

16 June 2021
2021 Medal winners' and Shadowers’ Choice announcement – starting at midday

Author Title Age Rating
Acevedo, Elizabeth Clap When You Land YEAR 9
Anderson, Sophie The Girl Who Speaks Bear  
Applebaum, Kirsty TrooFriend  
Balen, Katya The Space We're In  
Bayron, Kalynn Cinderella is Dead YEAR 9 
Beashel, Amy The Sky Is Mine SIXTH FORM
Bourne, Holly The Places I've Cried in Public  
Brahmachari, Sita When Secrets Set Sail  
Bunzl, Peter Shadowsea  
Bushby, Aisha Moonchild: Voyage of the Lost and Found  
Caldecott, Elen The Short Knife  
Cheung, Sue Chinglish  
Chisholm, Alastair Orion Lost  
Close, Helena The Gone Book YEAR 9
Coelho, Joseph The Girl Who Became a Tree  
Conaghan, Brian The M Word YEAR 9
Conlon, Dom This Rock, That Rock  
Conlon, Dom Leap, Hare, Leap!  
Cuthew, Lucy Blood Moon SIXTH FORM
Davis, Ben The Soup Movement  
Day, Susie Max Kowalski Didn't Mean It  
DiCamillo, Kate Beverly Right Here  
Don, Lari Fierce, Fearless and Free  
Downham, Jenny Furious Thing  
Drewery, Kerry The Last Paper Crane YEAR 9
Duffy, Malcolm Sofa Surfer  
Durrant, S.E. Talking to the Moon  
Elliott, Joseph The Good Hawk  
Emezi, Akwaeke Pet  
Farook, Nizrana The Girl Who Stole an Elephant  
Fitzpatrick, Marie-Louise On Midnight Beach YEAR 9
Fraillon, Zana The Lost Soul Atlas  
Gardner, Sally Invisible in a Bright Light  
Hagger-Holt, Sarah Nothing Ever Happens Here  
Haig, Joan Tiger Skin Rug  
Halahmy, Miriam Always Here For You YEAR 9
Hardinge, Frances Deeplight  
Hulme, Jay Clouds Cannot Cover Us  
Hyder, Liz Bearmouth  
Jackson, Holly Good Girl, Bad Blood YEAR 9
Jackson, Sharna Mic Drop  
Jamieson, Victoria When Stars Are Scattered  
Jawando, Danielle And the Stars Were Burning Brightly YEAR 9
Lawrence, Patrice Eight Pieces of Silva YEAR 9
Lowery, Mark Eating Chips With Monkey  
Lucido, Aimee In the Key of Code  
MacDibble, Bren Across the Risen Sea  
Mackenzie, Ross Evernight  
Mann, Manjeet Run, Rebel  
McKay, Hilary The Time of Green Magic  
McNicoll, Elle A Kind of Spark  
Millwood Hargrave, Kiran The Deathless Girls YEAR 9
Murphy, Emily Bain Splinters of Scarlet  
Murray, Struan Orphans of the Tide  
Ness, Patrick Burn  
Oseman, Alice Loveless YEAR 9
Owen, David Grief Angels YEAR 9
Palmer, Tom After the War  
Paver, Michelle Viper's Daughter  
Pennypacker, Sara Here in the Real World  
Rauf, Onjali Q. The Star Outside My Window  
Reynolds, Jason Look Both Ways  
Rosoff, Meg The Great Godden YEAR 9
Salisbury, Melinda Hold Back the Tide YEAR 9
Sedgwick, Marcus Snowflake, AZ YEAR 9
Sepetys, Ruta Fountains of Silence  
Skinner, Nicola Storm  
Stead, Rebecca The List of Things That Will Not Change  
Tavengerwei, Rutendo The Colours that Blind YEAR 9
Thakur, Sophie Somebody Give This Heart A Pen  
Thon, Ingunn A Postcard to Ollis  
Valentine, Jenny Hello Now  
Wein, Elizabeth The Enigma Game  
Weston, Kate Diary of a Confused Feminist  
Wolk, Lauren Echo Mountain  
Woods, Matilda Otto Tattercoat and the Forest of Lost Things