Vision and Aims

The Ecclesbourne School strives to be a successful and caring learning community in which individuals are inspired to meet the challenges of the future.

School Aims

  1. A broad and balanced curriculum that develops the knowledge and skills pupils need to thrive now and for a fulfilling future
  2. Develop pupils’ resilience and confidence in themselves and their capacity for growth
  3. Ensure pupils feel valued, value others and learn to work together to make a positive contribution
  4. Ensure pupils stay safe and healthy in mind and body
  5. Develop creativity in an innovative learning environment
  6. Appreciate the spiritual, moral, social and cultural richness of the world at large


We will measure our success by the extent to which:

  1. Our pupils experience the best possible learning opportunities through exceptional teaching and support, and access to high quality resources and opportunities
  2. Our pupils achieve more, and make better progress, by attending Ecclesbourne than would otherwise be expected. We add value
  3. Our school is full and oversubscribed because of its popularity, reputation and success
  4. Our school is staffed with expert people with passion for and pride in their work, in a context of effective support and challenge
  5. Accommodation and facilities are high quality and the best they can be
  6. Infrastructure, administration and compliance is effective and efficient
  7. Management systems are coherent and cohesive, and staffed by people who are innovative, adaptable, and capable of absorbing new initiatives
  8. Our school is held in the highest regard by others within and beyond the education sector, and our work and its impact is validated by external accreditation