Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Info on alcohol and drugs from the Derbyshire safeguarding board:

  • Drugs and alcohol - information for children
  • Drinking alcohol or taking drugs can lead to bad decisions. But help and support is available
  • You may feel pressured by your mates to drink but you really should wait until you're old enough. If you're under 18 it is illegal for anyone to serve you alcohol
  • Although some drugs are not illegal it doesn't mean they are safe
  • Drink and drugs can make you do things you wouldn't normally do and affect the way you feel
  • If a young person needs more specialist support, a referral can be made to Derbyshire change, grow, live. This is a free and confidential service for all young people aged from ten to nineteen which aims to help reduce the risks and harm associated with alcohol or drug misuse
  • For further information please contact Derbyshire CGL by email: or tel: 01773 303646

Information videos for young people