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The Ecclesbourne School has a long and proud tradition of nurturing the various talents of every student, helping each to realise their potential both in academic terms and as happy well rounded individuals. Here, pastoral care means sincere and practical concern for the whole person, including their health and well-being, and social, moral, cultural and spiritual development.

Such is the heart of our enterprise but in order to be truly effective we have to really know each child. To this end we have, in effect, created three smaller schools within the school;

  • Lower School (Key Stage 3)
  • Upper School (Key Stage 4), and
  • Sixth Form (Key Stage 5)

Each of these is led by a Deputy or Assistant head teacher supported by a dedicated team of guidance staff who are the heads of year. They in turn lead tutor teams. The form tutor’s concern is for the all-round development of each of their tutees.

The Heads of School and Heads of Year liaise with faculties and subjects and are the first port of call for parents/ carers wishing to discuss any aspect of their child’s progress. Academic reports and parents’ evenings are coordinated by the relevant school office.

In addition the Schools coordinate appropriate annual programmes to personalise support advice and guidance for students throughout their education at Ecclesbourne and help them to make well informed choices at the end of each Key Stage. The most important of these are transition arrangements at Key Stage 2 to 3, options choices at the start of Key Stage 4, gateway choices at the end of Key Stage 4 and UCAS and other pathway choices after Key Stage 5.

Safeguarding and Student Wellbeing

Further information can also be found on the school website.

The Ecclesbourne School believes that every child has a right to lead a safe and healthy life be it in school or in the local community. School therefore works with students, their families and external agencies to fully prepare students with the skills they need to remain healthy and safe.

We believe that:

  • All young people have the right to be protected from harm;
  • Young people need to be safe and to feel safe in school;
  • Young people need support which matches their individual needs, including those who may have experienced abuse;
  • All young people have the right to speak freely and voice their values and beliefs;
  • All young people must be encouraged to respect each other’s values and support each other;
  • All young people have the right to be supported to meet their emotional, and social needs as well as their educational needs – a happy healthy sociable young person will achieve better educationally;
  • Schools can and do contribute to the prevention of abuse, victimisation, bullying, exploitation, extreme behaviours, discriminatory views and risk taking behaviours; and
  • All staff and visitors have an important role to play in safeguarding children and protecting them from abuse.

Staff are vigilant and are confident in applying our safeguarding and Child Protection procedures to avert and alleviate any such problems.

Safeguarding is defined as:

  • Protecting children from maltreatment;
  • Preventing impairment of children’s health or development;
  • Ensuring that children are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care; and
  • Taking action to enable all children to have the best life chances.

We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Our first priority is the child’s welfare and therefore there may be occasions when our concerns about your child means that we have to consult other agencies even before we contact you. The procedures we follow have been laid down by Derbyshire Safeguarding Children Board. As a result we may also have to provide your child’s data to statutory bodies where it is considered necessary and within the appropriate legislative framework.

If any members of the school or local community have concerns about the welfare of a child in the school, please pass them on to the Schools Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mrs Ourabi.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Ourabi (Deputy Headteacher - Head of Upper School)

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My name is Clarissa Ourabi and I one of the Deputy Heads at The Ecclesbourne School and the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL). I have worked at the school for 22 years, fifteen of which have been in various pastoral roles across the school. The majority of my time has been in Upper School with students in Years 10-11. I have a varied knowledge and expertise of pastoral work which I use to support both students and staff. My main role in school is been responsible for the safeguarding of staff and students. As part of this role I lead the other staff in the Pastoral Leadership Team ensuring that all our policies and procedures uphold our ethos of a safe and nurturing environment. I also try to ensure that students get the education and social experiences they need to develop as individuals, whilst also working towards excellent academic qualifications. In addition in my role I work with families and students where additional support might be needed so that students are able to have the same access and opportunities as other young people in the school.

My DSL role means I am responsible for the safeguarding training of staff, Governors and volunteers ensuring that the school discharges its responsibilities effectively. This means I support the Heads of School and Heads of Year where they need advice on how best to protect and promote the welfare needs of our young people. Alongside my DSL role, I am responsible for the Looked After Children in School and will attend meetings on their behalf to champion their needs.

Of paramount importance is to make Ecclesbourne a warm and safe environment where students can flourish, thrive and make the very best of each and every opportunity given to them. I am a firm believer in ‘every child matters’ so I want to make that we offer all students a bespoke care and guidance package. This means that they can excel in their chosen areas, be it academia, sport, art or music. Every young person deserves the very best start in life and we, as a school, are committed to working with home to give students the foundations that they require for successful and happy lives.

I am also the Head of Upper School, been responsible for students in Years 10 and 11. These are the Years where students work towards their GCSE's and I support staff in making sure they are prepared for the exams at the end of the Year 11 and also have clear pathways of where they will go Post 16. As part of my role I support the Heads of Years in creating cohesive year groups that work together to support each year.

Deputy Safeguarding Leads

Mrs Owen-Moore (Deputy Headteacher - Head of Lower School)

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My name is Petra Owen-Moore and I am one of the Deputy Heads at The Ecclesbourne School.

I am the Designated Mental Health Lead for the school as well as being a member of the Mental Health Secondary Schools Network for Derbyshire. I am also one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding leads within school.

I am Head of Lower School, Key stage 3, looking after 720 students with a gifted and excellent Pastoral team made up of 3 Heads of year, 2 progress leaders, and 24 form tutors. We don’t see the three schools, (Lower, Upper and 6th form) as separate but work very closely and collaboratively in the PLT. We engage in training together, share good practice, support staff to serve the needs of our students.

I have worked in education since 1988 and have been a curriculum lead as well as a pastoral lead, working as a form tutor, head of year to my current position. I also teach Religious Studies to classes across the whole school, including GCSE and the Philosophy requirement at A level.

The majority of my work is to ensure that Lower School students have a great foundation both academically and pastorally to ensure an excellent transition from primary school to lower school and then transition to Upper school and GCSE success. Included in that is Behaviour for learning as well as encouraging students to strive and focus on achieving their very best. Mental Health and wellbeing is essential to this not just for Lower School but for all students in the school.

As outlined in the DFE requirement for the Designated Mental Health lead for the school my role should not be that of a mental health professional; and should not diagnose mental health conditions or be required to deliver mental health interventions; but that the focus of the lead should be strategic, putting a whole school approach to wellbeing and mental health in place, and ensuring a coordinated approach. I have developed and continue to develop with colleagues, especially the PLT this coordinated approach. We currently have 18 staff trained as Mental Health First Aid England where we adapt the ALGEE approach (Assess and assist, Listen, Give support and information, Encourage appropriate professional help, Encourage other support).

We incorporate Mental Health and Wellbeing in our teaching and learning – lessons, assemblies, workshops, drop down days and much more. We have MHWB student ambassadors who work as peer mentors. We have access to external agencies and other invaluable resources which are shared with staff, students and parents. Our whole school works on the basis of Prevention, Identification, school early intervention and support, external agencies specialist support.

I am a firm believer that students will thrive and achieve their potential when they feel safe and included, know that they matter and are cared for. I, like my colleagues, believe in the importance of a holistic approach (Staff , students, parents , community , academic and pastoral ) to encourage our students to become resilient, independent and confident young people ready to live their future best lives with the knowledge and skills to do so.

It is my privilege to be able to work with our students within our Ecclesbourne school family.

Mr Carnwell (Assistant Headteacher - Head of Sixth Form)

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Hello, my name is Simon Carnwell and I am Assistant Head Teacher (Head of Sixth Form) and one of the school’s Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL). I joined the school ten years ago and I have been fortunate to work in various pastoral roles throughout my time at the school. Although I am a passionate teacher of physical education, my main focus over the last four years has been leading the Sixth Form.

I am proud to lead a broad, inclusive Sixth Form with a tradition of academic success. The Sixth Form strives to be a successful and caring learning community that inspires individuals to meet the challenges of the future. Our pastoral and guidance structure ensures that we get to know our students as individuals and encourage them to set and achieve challenging goals. Every Sixth Form student can expect a caring and enriching learning environment.

My Deputy DSL role means that I support Mrs Ourabi, ensuring that the school remains vigilant and applies its child protection and safeguarding policies effectively. I work with The Sixth Form Office Pastoral Team to ensure that every Sixth Form student receives the highest quality care and support.

The school’s ethos and vision statement ‘learning together for the future’ is more pertinent now than at any time in its sixty-four year history. Every person associated with our Sixth Form is ready to help our young people achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Mr Duncker-Brown (Assistant Headteacher)

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My role is to support Mrs Ourabi with running Upper School. I support our Heads of Year and Progress Leaders in their pastoral work with students and also directly support individual students with a range of issues and challenges that they face. Amongst a number of pastoral qualifications I’m a trained Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and one of the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSL). As a MHFA I’m able to listen to student’s mental health worries and signpost services and resources for them. As a Deputy DSL I train staff with regard to safeguarding and act upon any safeguarding concerns raised by those within our community in conjunction our DSL, Mrs Ourabi. More generally, being a pastoral leader means I teach students about subjects beyond the academic curriculum. This includes helping them to understand aspects of society (including democracy and the responsibilities of individual liberty) at a local, national and international level, teaching them about tolerance, respect, diversity and the rule of law, developing their resilience and trying to evolve their moral and ethical understanding.

Essentially this all boils down to supporting the students in our care so that they are able to develop into well-rounded individuals with the skills, attributes and academic qualifications to make their next steps into becoming engaged and valued members of society.

Heads of Year

Amongst other responsibilities, from a pastoral perspective, each Head of Year actively monitors student progress for their respective Year Group and provides support as appropriate in order to raise attainment.

As a team, we monitor student attendance, progress and performance in relation to individual targets.

Mrs Bamber (Head of Year 13)

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As Head of Year 13 I work closely with Mr Carnwell and the Sixth Form Office Team to ensure our students realise their potential and are well rounded individuals ready for the challenges that lie ahead. I and The Year 13 Tutor Team, aim to provide individualised pastoral care and support, promoting effective study including help with time management and study skills.

I support individuals within the year group with specific needs and have undertaken additional training to support students with eating disorders. I work alongside Mrs James in The Learning Support Department to support students with additional educational needs. I also work with Ms Earp (Head of PDC) to develop and deliver the Relationships and Sex Education curriculum and in this role, I ensure that our students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to build safe, healthy relationships and know how to acquire the support they may need.

Mental health and wellbeing are priorities and along with other departments in the School, I support the provision of extra-curricular activities. Following the disruption the year group has suffered it is important that we give them time not only to catch up academically but also to enjoy the wonderful social interaction and enjoyment that comes from activities such as sport, mentoring, book groups and debate.

I support our students to secure their preferred post 18 route. We provide opportunities for students to explore a variety of options, arranging interactions with employers, universities and academics. We work as a team in Sixth Form Office to support the UCAS and apprenticeship application process and we prepare our students with skills for further academic study or entry into the workplace.

Year 13 is an exciting, challenging time as our students work hard to gain knowledge and skills in their academic qualifications, take on leadership responsibilities within School and learn to balance this with their busy lives away from School. My role is to support students and parents through this period and am available for you to talk to and to listen to any concerns that you have.

Mrs Farina (Head of Year 12)

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I have worked at Ecclesbourne for nine years, having returned to live in Derbyshire in 2012 after time spent living and working in Paris and London. I began my time here as Head of French and am now in my fifth year as Head of Year in Sixth Form.

I support the academic progress of students as they move through Sixth Form, monitoring their attainment data to ensure that every student reaches their potential and implementing supportive measures to help students when necessary.

I am committed to supporting the mental health and well-being of the students in my care. Alongside my mental health first aid training, I have also attended the Mental Health in Schools conference. I aim to promote positive mental health through assemblies and interactions with individual students, signposting students to relevant external organisations when necessary.

An important part of the Sixth Form experience is making sure that students have good knowledge and understanding of post-18 options, in order to make an informed choice about their next steps. I keep up to date with the changing landscape of post-18 education and employment to ensure I can provide the best possible advice. I particularly enjoy supporting students in writing personal statements and providing mock interviews to help them prepare for university or apprenticeship applications.

The Sixth Form aims to provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to support the holistic development of each student and I work alongside colleagues to deliver and review this programme. I also encourage students to prepare for post-18 study through super-curricular exploration; reading, researching and developing their academic understanding beyond their A-Level studies.

I aim to maintain open lines of communication between parents, students and school. I encourage you to contact me should you feel that there is anything that I can do to support you.

Mr Sellers (Head of Year 11)

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As the Head of Year 11 I am a member of the Upper School team who along with Mrs Ourabi, Mr Duncker-Brown and Mrs Weller help support students with all needs through their journey in Upper School.

In the 19 years I've worked at Ecclesbourne I've held various roles including the Head of Boys PE, Upper School Progress Leader and Head of Year. My experiences in these different roles have given me lots of strategies to ensure every student gets the best possible outcomes they are capable of.

I am one of the Schools Mental Health First Aiders which enables me to offer advice and support to our students who are experiencing anxiety around school and social related issues, which in such difficult times is essential to our student base. My work with such students has steered me towards leading a whole school project on resilience to help us all better understand how we can keep supporting our students in the best possible way.

One of my strengths is the way I build relationships with parents. I enjoy clear dialogue and a very honest approach to heading up my year group, which with the support of my excellent tutor team serves both parents and students well.

Mrs Weller (Head of Year 10 and Associate Member of SLT)

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In addition to my Head of Year role, I am an associate member of the Strategic Leadership Team who oversee the running of the school. As part of that role I am working with all School Offices on behaviour with a focus on ensuring that students have a pastoral system that recognises and celebrates their individual successes, develops their awareness of the world around them, and that lessons foster a positive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed.

Essential to all of this is that student’s successes, whether academic or beyond are recognised and celebrated so part of my work on behaviour is focused on rewards. Home is an essential part of the pyramid in supporting students to develop as individuals and gaining the qualifications they need to proceed and we welcome your support in helping your children to meet our expectations. Therefore, if you have any issues I would encourage you to contact myself or your child’s Heads of Year if we can help in any way.

Mr Poplawski (Head of Year 9)

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As Head of year 9, I will be working with tutors and other members of the pastoral team to support our students with their ‘passport to success’. This project will help students to focus and thrive in key areas (including academic progress, extra- curricular enrichment, and charitable activities) in order to graduate from Lower School. I will also be supporting and guiding the year 9 students through the process of choosing their GCSE options. This is a vital stage in our students education as the decisions that they make will have a huge impact on their future examinations and careers. Myself and other members of the pastoral team will be on hand to offer advice and reassurance as they consider their next steps on the Ecclesbourne ladder.

Mr Harrison (Head of Year 8)

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As Head of Year 8, I help to support my pupils will all aspects of their school experience including progress, safeguarding, mental health and wellbeing, and attendance, alongside my team of tutors and my colleagues in Lower School Office and Mrs Owen-Moore. We work closely with parents and other members of staff to provide the most positive experience throughout their time in Lower School.

My background in ICT allows me to help provide the PLT with data that helps other leaders in the school monitor and support pupils with any behavioural or academic needs.

Mrs Smyth (Head of Year 7)

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As Head of Year 7, my support for the students began whilst they were in Year 6, at which time I was responsible for helping the students prepare for their transition to The Ecclesbourne School. This involved working with Lower School Office to prepare the Year 6 Induction material, connecting with Primary Heads and Year 6 teachers and visiting the main feeder primary schools to meet the students and give them an insight into what to expect as Year 7 students.

Now they have become part of the Ecclesbourne family, a large part of my Head of Year role focusses on helping the students settle into Ecclesbourne life, getting them used to routines and expectations, helping them develop new friendships and encouraging them to get involved in wider school life to ensure they get the most out of their time with us.

I will continue to support this year group, alongside Mrs Owen-Moore, as they transition through Lower School into Years 8 and 9, helping them to become successful learners in preparation for their GCSE years and beyond.

Pastoral Support

Mrs James (SENCO)

Email -

My role is to coordinate support & guidance for students on matters relating to additional needs & disabilities within the school. If a student has been referred to myself, it is likely to be in relation to the 4 broad areas of need, as detailed in the Special Needs Code of Practice and barriers to learning will exist. These areas of need are:

  • Cognition & Learning
  • Communication & Interaction
  • Social, Emotional & Mental Health
  • Sensory and/or physical

Please feel free to get in touch if you have concerns. My email is: or alternatively please call on: 01332 843223

Miss Holloway (Progress Leader - Sixth Form)

Email -

I work as a Progress Leader in the Sixth Form, which in a nut shell is to support the office, tutors and students with all manner of things, from Post-18 applications, enrichment, well-being and guidance.

If you need anything at all with your Post-16 applications then I would be happy to help! Pop and see me in the Sixth Form Office and I can help you to cut down and improve your personal statement, as well as giving you guidance on the UCAS and job application process.

It's so important to keep your mind and body healthy at Sixth Form, so I am here to talk to if you need to tell me anything; if things are getting too much, you're stressed with exams or are having problems of any sort - a problem shared is a problem halved!

I also want you to have the best time at Sixth Form, so I over-see enrichment schemes like peer and subject mentoring. There will be more opportunities throughout the year, so check your emails for updates or come and see me if you have any ideas!

Mrs Dodson (Progress Leader - Upper School)

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I am working as Progress Leader in Upper School, currently working closely with Year 11 and the Head of Year, Mark Sellers. This role includes running the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Program. The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are a group of students from Year 11 and 12 who are passionate about standing up against bullying behaviour and believe they can make a positive change to our school. We subscribe to the Diana Award, which provides training and support for schools, with the goal of combatting bullying behaviour, and I hope to secure training for our students this year.

Our aim is to provide a support network for all students in school and raise awareness of the different types of bullying. We aspire to eliminate bullying of every kind. We believe that bullying of any kind is unacceptable and the students are dedicated to taking a stand against it. Guided by me, the Ambassadors will be involved in a variety of activities such as assemblies, collaboration with local primary schools, working with guest speakers and providing a drop-in room to offer friendship and support to others, in addition to fund-raising.

I am also part of the Year 11 Mentoring Programs and helping to coordinate Study Plus, as well as assisting with any other day-to-day matters which arise in Upper School.

Mrs Stott (Progress Leader - Upper School)

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Ecclesbourne school is immensely proud of the work that the school council does and as part of the Upper School Office, I am responsible for helping and guiding the council representatives in their projects. As a group they are very passionate about the environment, fairness and equality both within school and the local community. I help support the student representatives to co-ordinate meetings and conduct their projects.

The student council is led by Year 11 and the co-heads of Year 13. The co-heads are voted for by their peers and staff and have a major responsibility to the school.

The five areas that the student council lead on are;
  • Charity
  • Curriculum
  • Enrichment
  • Community
  • Wellbeing

Mrs Daniels (Progress Leader - Lower School)

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I have had the pleasure of teaching Art for the last 15 years at Ecclesbourne school. During that time, I have supported many form groups including KS 3, 4 and 5. I appreciate the importance of taking the time to get to know individual students and I fully understand that the work that is undertaken in the pastoral offices requires careful consideration of the care and support that is required for each specific child.

As a newly appointed Progress leader I will be working within the Lower School Office team to assist our younger students in making progress as they advance through KS3 alongside Mr Gosden.

I will continue to identify students who require intervention in specific subject areas and work with them after school during a study session. This intervention will be tailored to their needs as an individual, enabling them to make continued and sustained progress with particular focus on English, Maths and Science. As part of my role, I will also be working alongside the Menta Health lead as well as colleagues in supporting the offices as a Mental Health First Aid England once trained. Where we adapt the ALGEE approach (Assess and assist, Listen, Give support and information, Encourage appropriate professional help, Encourage other support).

Mr Gosden (Progress Leader - Lower School)

Email -

I work alongside Mrs Daniels and the rest of the Lower School Office team to ensure that all students in Year 7-9 are fulfilling their potential. I will support the Lower School Team in several different ways, all with the aim of students getting to the level they should be and ensuring they feel secure in the school environment.

A personal focus of mine this year is Online Safety. I will be undertaking training to become the school lead on CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection). In a world where more and more young people have an online presence, it is important they understand the potential dangers, but also how to benefit safely from the online world. This role will involve making accessible up to date online safety information so that students and parents can be informed.

I will be working alongside Mrs Daniels to organise our "Period 6" catch up curriculum which is targeted at students who require more support in their subjects. This takes the form of after school sessions in which students can work on certain subjects. We will work with students to guide them through this process. This has become even more important during the COVID-19 pandemic where students have had to work from home more regularly and may fall behind on necessary work.

Mrs Monk (Pastoral Support Office)

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I have been here at The Ecclesbourne School for 10 years with varying roles from Receptionist, First Aider, Attendance Officer and now as Pastoral Support Worker. My role before joining the school was a Family Support Worker for Barnardo’s. As part of the PLT my main role is to support the Head Of Year with providing 1:1 allocated sessions with students that they feel need extra support namely around anxiety, low mood and non-attendance within school. I also support parents/carers and complete Early Help Assessments as required.

I hold a certificate in Mental Health First Aid Training. I also liaise closely with External Agencies and share resources that will best support our students and their families.

Mrs Williams (Pastoral Support Officer)

Email -

Hi, I am Emma Williams and I am the Safeguarding and Admissions Officer for the school. I am responsible for maintaining the Single Central Record for the school led by the Head Teacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead. This means that I have to ensure that all Staff, Governors and Volunteers have the correct safeguarding checks carried out. I also work closely with the Designated Safeguarding Lead to ensure that we have correct and detailed records of any child or family we support. Alongside my safeguarding role I am also the admissions clerk so I am the person you must contact if you have admissions enquiries.

Mrs Tanser (School Nurse and Pastoral Worker)

Email -

My name is Lisa Tanser and I am School Nurse and Pastoral Worker here at The Ecclesbourne School.

I have been a Registered Nurse since 1995, with previous experience working in Accident & Emergency, GP Triage and most recently as a School Nurse at a local independent school.

I am passionate about the health and wellbeing of our school community, providing medical support, first aid, health promotion and contributing to the safeguarding, care and welfare of all our students. I work closely with Mrs Monk, our Senior Pastoral Support Worker and provide emotional support for individual students who require one-to-one sessions.

Mr S Baines (School Governor)

I have been a Governor at The Ecclesbourne School since 2011 and amongst my other roles I am the current Nominated Governor for Safeguarding. This role requires me to undertake the oversight and scrutiny of the Safeguarding Policy, procedure and practice on behalf of the full governing body including the maintenance of the Single Central Record in School which I report on annually to the full Governing Body.

School Governors are required to provide both a “support and challenge role” within the School and to ensure that the appropriate systems and procedures are in place to cover all aspects of Safeguarding. This includes monitoring both the Safeguarding and Whistle Blowing Policies. We are required to ensure that there are suitably qualified, trained and supported Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads (DDSL) within School.

Within School we must ensure there is a robust system for recording, storing and reviewing child welfare concerns and that school staff training is up to date. The development of the PLT is an important part in ensuring that pupils feel safe in School, that the pupil voice is heard and acknowledged and to ensure the safeguarding agenda is embedded in the ethos of the school and that Safeguarding messages run throughout the curriculum.