Students interact with technologies such as mobile phones and the Internet on a daily basis and experience a wide range of opportunities and situations both in and out of school. The social interaction and learning opportunities are greatly beneficial but can occasionally place young people in danger. This section of the website is intended to provide a platform for us to share information, news and content that will help you support young people in staying safe online.


    date posted: Friday 05 Oct 2018

    The Lucy Faithfull Foundation has created a guide for parents whose children 'have got in trouble online'. This detailed resource covers concerns about children viewing pornography, posting explicit images and how parents can manage these incidents. It also includes a fairly comprehensive list of current jargon.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    Issues such as location sharing, safe internet browsing, in-app purchases and safe communication are all covered effectively in this 'Top Tips for IPad' guide by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

  • ASK FM

    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    The UK Safer Internet Centre has provided some instructions on how to deal with or avoid the main problem inherent in the ask.fm social networking service, specifically the type of abuse that tends to come with websites that allow posts from anonymous users.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    There is no end to the amount of safeguarding concerns that Facebook creates. If you only follow one of the guides on this page, make it this one. Topics covered include managing 'friends' & content, reporting tools, account deactivation, managing apps and more.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    Twitter's default privacy options leave much to be desired. This checklist ensures you'll know how to change them and how to flag inappropriate content.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    It's important to make sure you know exactly who you're communicating with when installing chat apps. Thinkuknow.co.uk have created an exhaustive guide on the right way to use ooVoo.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    The most obvious concerns with Instagram are public profiles and tagged images. Learn how to change these settings, block abusive users & report inappropriate content via the link below.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    There are a number of concerns relating to Snapchat accounts. A checklist of recommended actions/settings is provided below (created by the UK Safer Internet Centre), along with a second link containing instructions on how to disable location sharing. By default, anyone linked to your account can track your location via this app, so we strongly recommend changing the settings.


    date posted: Thursday 04 Oct 2018

    This guide covers parental control settings, location sharing, safe communication and more for the ever-popular iphone. For tips on smartphones in general, check out the UK Safer Internet Centre's smartphone page.