What Should I Do

What do I do if I am being bullied?

  • Respect yourself and do not tolerate it when someone is making you feel unhappy by what they are doing.
  • Tell them to stop – be assertive, but not aggressive.
  • Do not retaliate (fight back or do the same as them), this will make your behaviour no better than theirs. You may be excluded if you hit someone even though they are bullying you. We do not resolve conflicts in our school with violence.
  • Tell a friend
  • Talk to your parent / carer.
  • Tell your form tutor or another member of staff you trust.
  • Talk to a peer mentor
  • Contact family lives and speak to one of their family support workers-  on 0808 800 2222 it is confidential advice offered.


How to tell if someone is being bullied

  • Is anyone in your class taking a lot of time off, getting to school late, trying to avoid being in situations like the toilets or changing rooms?
  • Do you hear someone calling them names, not loudly, but so that they will overhear?
  • Are rumours being spread about them, in person or online?
  • Are they being left out of things when partners are chosen in class?
  • Are they spending break and lunchtime on their own?
  • Are people fixing up nice things to do out of school and leaving them out?
  • Are they getting nasty phone texts and abuse on the internet or by instant messaging?

If so then you already know someone who is being bullied.

You might be afraid that if you do something about it, the bully might pick on you next but there are lots of things you can do to help.