Helping Others

What you should do to help someone being bullied

  • Tell a teacher 
  • Go with the person being bullied and back up what they say to the teacher
  • Tell the person being bullied that you'll help them to tell their parents 
  • Tell your parents what's happening and ask them to have a quiet word with your head of year
  • Agree with your friends that you will all make it clear to the person doing the bullying that you don't like what they're doing
  • Keep a diary of what you see going on so that you can give a teacher a reliable account of what has been happening

If you tell a teacher what has happened then the bully shouldn't find out that you've done that. The teacher should be able to quietly alert other teachers and keep an eye on the situation so that the bully is caught red handed and has only themselves to blame.

If you see someone being bullied they're probably very upset so make sure they know that you and your friends don't like what is going on and ask them to join your group.

Our message to students who bully others

If you are identified as being involved in bullying, sanctions could include:

  • Formal verbal warning
  • Attend a meeting with your parents
  • Written sanction
  • Detention at lunch or after school
  • Internal Exclusion
  • Fixed Term Exclusion

The sanction for bullying will depend upon the type and frequency of the bullying behaviour.

Bystanders are people who are aware of bullying but do nothing about it. Bystanders to bullying may also face a sanction for failing to comply with the school's code of conduct.

 Bullying is not acceptable. Don't be a bystander to bullying.