Learning Together For The Future

Year 10

In Year 10 you will be taught Personal Development and Citizenship lessons by your form tutor. The course will also include CEIAG (Careers Education, Information and Guidance). A key part of the latter is Work Experience which all Year 10 students are involved in. This is a hugely valuable experience, not merely the week of placement but the preparation – through researching placements, writing letters and verbally confirming the placement. Work Experience lessons will look at issues such as health and safety, conduct in the work place and the importance of developing transferrable skills. Throughout the process students complete a Work Experience Journal. If a student completes the whole process a certificate is awarded and therein work experience can be used for future references.

Students are able to use the Careers Library in F9 throughout the year and are able to request a personal Careers Interview which is conducted by an independent careers advisor.

The curriculum follows the Citizenship National Curriculum (2012) and non-statutory PSHE topics which are appropriate to the students at The Ecclesbourne School:

Year 10 Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 & 5 Term 6
Topics Money
including topics such as insurance and avoiding risk.

Work Experience

The Wider World
including topics such as human rights and prejudice and discrimination.
Mental Health
including topics such as self-esteem and stress.

In this term there is an ALD on Relationships and Sex Education

including the link between alcohol and sexual relationships
including a look at current medical ethical issues

Work Experience follow-up

In this term there is an ALD on Democracy

ALD: Advanced Learning Day (i.e. a drop-down day)