Learning Together For The Future

Third Aim

All members of our school community should feel valued and value others.

’Valuing’ relates to an acceptance that all people are worthwhile irrespective of their abilities or background. The School’s ethos is built upon the belief that all individuals are equally important whatever their role within the School or the community.

  1. The School encourages individuals and groups to respect each other.
  2. The School recognises and values the cultural, ethnic and religious beliefs of others and welcomes diversity.
  3. The School provides an effective guidance system in which the social and emotional needs of individuals are important considerations.
  4. The School’s culture ensures that individuals and groups celebrate and reward success both for themselves and for their peers.
  5. The School ensures that individuals understand the need for a Code of Conduct and actively support it.
  6. The School listens to the voices of individuals and groups and is seen to value their contribution.
  7. The School encourages parents, friends and the community to positively support the values embodied by the School.
  8. The School responds quickly to issues raised by parents and the wider community.
  9. The School and its wider community are committed to understanding and supporting each other.
  10. The School discourages anti-social behaviour towards individuals, groups and property both inside and outside its boundaries.