Learning Together For The Future

Fourth Aim

All members of our school community should work together effectively and with enthusiasm.

This means that individuals and groups know what they have to do, have the skills and resources necessary to do it, and are sufficiently motivated to do a first-rate job. It also emphasises the need for co-operation amongst a variety of teams and individuals to ensure that the School as a whole is effective.

  1. The School has clear goals, with well-defined objectives and a system for monitoring progress towards meeting them.
  2. The School provides for high quality personal and professional development in all areas of learning, teaching and supporting roles.
  3. The School provides supportive leadership and management of individuals and teams in all roles throughout the School.
  4. The School is committed to supporting individuals and teams in order to encourage and assist them in developing the quality of what they do.
  5. The School provides the resources to support individuals and teams to strive for continuous improvement in their areas of responsibility.
  6. The School celebrates individual and team success.
  7. The School has sensitive but effective measures for dealing with areas of poor performance.
  8. The School provides quality planning, preparation and assessment time to support effective learning.
  9. The School provides relevant information to parents and the community to involve them in the life and further improvement of the School.
  10. The School provides information to the communities it serves to involve residents in the life and work of the School.