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Computer Science - Key Stage 4 (AQA)

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Course Overview

This is a new course for students who particularly enjoy or would like to learn about programming computers. It is suited to students who have a logical and analytical mind and who are keenly interested to know more about how computers work and operate. Although it is very much a ‘hands-on’ course with students using computers to produce two pieces of coursework, they will also study computing concepts and theory.

Course Title:

GCSE Computer Science

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Through this course students can:

  • Develop their understanding of current and emerging technologies and how they work
  • Look at the use of algorithms in computer programs
  • Become an independent and discerning user of IT
  • Acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of IT in a range of contexts
  • Develop computer programs to solve problems
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of computer programs/solutions and the impact of computer technology in society

Assessment Criteria

Component 1 - Coursework (60%)

In Year 10 students will work on a practical investigation set by the Examination Board which accounts for 30% of the final grade. Year 11 students have freedom to choose from a range of programming projects set by the board and again this piece of work accounts for 30% of the final grade.

Component 2 - Examination (40%)

Theory work is studied in Year 10 and revised in Year 11. There is one exam paper taken at the end of Year 11 which accounts for 40% of the final grade.

Where next?

Although there is no requirement, it is desirable to have studied GCSE Computing if you wish to study A-Level Computing

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