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Exam Board: OCR

Contact: Mr N. Green

Course Overview

In the Year 12 AS course, you will study units of work containing the following themes: 'Elements of Life', 'Developing Fuels', 'elements from the Sea', 'The Ozone Story', and 'What's in Medicine?'. The AS course is examined by two 90 minute papers, consisting of multiple choice and structured questions in AS Paper 1 and structured questions in AS Paper 2. Practical skills are examined as part of these two written papers.

The full A Level consists of the five aforementioned units as well as 'The Chemical Industry', 'Polymers and Life', 'Oceans', 'Developing Materials' and 'Colour by Design', which will be taught in Year 13. The full A Level consists of three papers.

There is no laboratory based coursework which counts towards the final grade but students will be assessed on their practical skills via a minimum of twelve different experiments and awarded a 'Practical Endorsement' pass or fail by their teacher, which is reported with their grade.

Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs A*-C + GCSE Science 2x5s + GCSE English 5 (6 desirable) + GCSE Maths 5 (6 desirable) + GCSE 5 (6 desirable) in AS Science option

Where can Chemistry take me?

An A Level could enable you to embark on a number of scientific degree courses including Medicine, Chemistry, Dentistry or Veterinary Science. If you have ever thought about a career in Forensic Science or in Toxicology then this could be for you. You may also go on to a career in Pharmacology, Chemical Engineering, Research or Education!


AS Level ASSESSMENT % of Course
Paper 1 - Foundations of Chemistry
Paper 2 - Chemistry in Depth
1 hour 30 minute exam
1 hour 30 minute exam
A Level ASSESSMENT  % of Course
Paper 1 - Fundamentals of Chemistry
Paper 2 - Scientific Literacy in Chemistry
Paper 3 - Practical Skills in Chemistry
2 hour 15 minute exam
2 hour 15 minute exam
1 hour 30 minute exam