Learning Together For The Future

Key Stage 4 (OCR)

Course Overview

The History Department is pleased to offer the OCR School's History Project GCSE course. This offers a diverse and comprehensive coverage of aspects of human History that are both pertinent to understanding our world today, with all of its challenges; and the study of the past. The course covers a swathe of British History through the lens of the People's Health from the Middle Ages to the present day as well as tackling questions of power, privilege and society in Elizabethan England between 1580 and 1603. The study of Cromford, our chosen focus for Paper 2, allows students to access the rich tapestry of human change and History woven around us in this World Heritage Site as well as analyse the dawn of the Industrial Revolution that still propels our society to this day. It encourages a study of what they can see around them, linking the academic study of change and continuity to the real changes in their own lives and lifetimes.

The second year of study focuses on the Making of the USA from 1789 to 1900, covering the transformational part of Manifest Destiny, the fate of the natives and the conditions of slavery and afterwards whose reverberations are still felt in popular culture and in the continually evolving events in the United States at the moment. Our final chapter is an in-depth study of Life Under Nazi Rule, looking into the uncomfortably dark pages of human history represented there and asking questions about the role of the bystander and how to interpret and use material from the time, tainted as it is by recollection, guilt and a desire for innocence. Overall assessment takes place at the end of the two-year course and is based on providing relevant and cogent arguments in a series of three written examinations.

We hope that we provide a relevant, modern, curriculum to prepare students for life in the 21st Century, allowing them to use what they know to judge the future by the past and to engage in making their own history in a conscious manner.

Assessment Criteria

Component 1
People's Health 1250 to Present
Elizabethan England 1560 - 1603
1 hour 45 mins - 40% towards final GCSE grade
Component 2
History Around Us - Cromford Mills and Village
1 hour - 20% towards final GCSE Grade
Component 3
The Making of the USA 1789 - 1900
Living Under Nazi Rule 1933 - 45
1 hour 45 mins - 40% towards final GCSE Grade

Where next?

The study of History at GCSE is excellent preparation for A Level study and beyond. History is a subject that unlocks many routes to employment and is highly valued and prized by employers and academics alike. The ability to write critically and cogently in cohesive essays, as well as by analysing material, will support students in a wide variety of qualifications.