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British Values: The Rule of the Law

The Ecclesbourne School promotes the importance of the rule of law through the exercise of its behaviour and discipline policy. The need for an orderly and purposeful environment based on rights and responsibilities is made clear to students in special assemblies, PDC lessons and the lived experience of school day to day. All students are familiar with the School’s Code of Conduct, which appears in student planners and is displayed prominently in all classrooms. All staff adhere to the same expectations of work and behaviour from students. Failure to abide by the school’s code of conduct has clearly understood consequences and students who break the rules are guided through reflection and recommitting to the school’s core values to understand the importance of balancing the needs of the individual with those of the community. Staff are very clear about their responsibilities both inside and out of school, for example, safeguarding and the use of social media.

Within the school curriculum the principles of law are studied during PDC lessons in Year 9 and Year 11. Various PDC events in school are organised to make students aware of important laws which affect them, for example, consent and on-line safety (Year 9 and Year 10), alcohol and drugs (Years 10-13), driving (Years 12-13). The school has established links with the local police force who we invite to speak to groups of students as appropriate. In Lower School students have the opportunity to take part in a Mock Trial competing with other schools and are coached in preparation for this by a working barrister.