Learning Together For The Future

British Values: The Rule of the Law

How do we cover the Rule of Law?

  • Mock Trials for Year 9
  • Consent Workshop for Year 10 ‘Where’s the Line?’
  • PDC taught module on ‘Alcohol, Drugs and the Law’
  • Taught lessons on the use of social media, sexting and the law
  • Workshops for Parents and students on Staying Safe and the Law from Think for the Future
  • Year 12 Drivers Awareness Day
  • The Schools Code of Conduct
  • Behaviour Policy 2018
  • In Years 8 & 11 students are taught a module on The Law, Police and the Justice System
  • The Police Cadets came in and delivered an assembly on drugs and the law
  • In Sixth Form students are taught Current Affairs topic including national and international laws