Learning Together For The Future

Second Aim

All members of our school community should develop confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Confidence relates to:

  • the ability to formulate and articulate personal opinions,
  • to set priorities,
  • to solve problems,
  • to accept and offer constructive criticism,
  • to form relationships with others and to cope with life in general, now, and in the future.
  1. The School promotes an ethos of learning in which individuals extend themselves to reach their personal potential.
  2. The School recognises and celebrates all levels of achievement both inside and outside School.
  3. The School nurtures well-rounded individuals who have the skills and resilience to cope with life and all its challenges.
  4. The School seeks to raise the aspirations and expectations of individual children.
  5. The School promotes an acceptance that individuals are different.
  6. The School removes barriers to learning by ensuring equality of opportunity and supporting individuals according to their needs.
  7. The School ensures that individuals have access to accurate and up to date information of their progress and achievement.
  8. The School encourages all members of its community to work to the best of their ability.
  9. The School involves the parents in the learning of students to ensure that they have realistic expectations for their children.
  10. The School works with parents and the wider community to promote positive behaviour both within and outside its boundaries to foster further cohesion.