Learning Together For The Future

British Values: Mutual Respect

There is no more fundamental value in our school and when we say proudly that we are a community it is deeply meant and felt. The Code of Conduct is founded on the principle of mutual respect and states:

'The Ecclesbourne School has a number of specific expectations aimed at creating a civilised and caring atmosphere in the school and on trips out of school, but the general requirements are:

  • students must avoid activities which cause distress or discomfort to others
  • students must always behave in a fashion which reduces the chances of injury to themselves or to others
  • students must do nothing which causes loss or damage to school property or the property of others
  • student behaviour must be such as would reflect credit on themselves and the school

Students are encouraged to respect staff and each other and the key school aims are reinforced through the assembly programme and the routine of school life as well as in the curriculum. Mutual respect is encouraged through the key aims that students should:

  • Feel valued and value others;
  • Work together effectively and with enthusiasm;
  • Appreciate the world at large.

This principle of mutual respect underpins the behaviour policy and reward system, assemblies and “Thought for the Day” in tutor time. The House system encourages collaboration of students across the year groups, working to achieve the same goals in music, sport, drama etc. Year 12 students apply to be trained as Peer Mentors and then work with Year 7 and 8 students, promoting mutual respect . The Subject Mentor Programme (Year 12 working with GCSE and Lower School students to help them with their work) and the Buddy Reader scheme (Upper School Students working with Year 7 and 8 students to help them improve their reading) also serve to foster mutual respect. The positions of responsibility granted to students are highly coveted and students are keen to become House Captains, Student Councillors, Peer Mentors and so on. Alongside the satisfaction of rendering a service, the respect these badge holders are accorded by their peers is a key motivator.

The PDC curriculum covers mutual respect through ‘Healthy Relationships’ in every year group as part of the spiral curriculum.