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British Values: Individual liberty

The Ecclesbourne School promotes individual liberty by outlining and enforcing a clear anti-bullying policy in order for individuals to feel safe and secure within the school community. We provide support whereby students can make informed choices with regards to their options at GCSE and A level. They are given choices throughout the school day, regarding attendance at extra-curricular clubs and activities. As students move through the school they are granted additional responsibility and some additional freedoms. The great majority of students elect to remain at Ecclesbourne into the Sixth Form, recognising that greater independence is granted to Sixth Form students, for example, through a distinctive uniform and by allowing Sixth Form students to leave the school site at lunchtime and providing a range of different locations in which to spend their study periods. Opportunities for freedom of speech are provided through the Debating Society and the School Council where the views of the student body are listened to. The House Play Competition is a major school event each year. The whole school is entertained to plays written, directed, acted in and produced entirely by students led by their House Captains. Students are given a considerable degree of freedom, within agreed parameters, for self-expression and plays invariably have an element of healthy satirical content.

Through the school curriculum the ideas surrounding individual liberty are studied through the range of subjects and notably in English, RS, History and Creative Arts and Science. In PDC it can be found in lessons on homosexuality, human rights, politics and relationships. In Religious Studies students are encouraged to develop their views on ethics and moral issues culminating, in Year 9, in opportunities to question and debate with visitors from the community from different faiths.

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