Learning Together For The Future

Guidelines for Parents

Although homework is a joint effort involving parents, students, and teachers, it is the students’ responsibility, supported by parents, to complete all homework set. Homework is a method for keeping the home and school in touch. Parents are able to see the curriculum as it unfolds through the year. They are able to help their youngster learn to budget time, follow oral and written directions, and develop habits of discipline and self-reliance.

Suggested Guidelines:

  • become familiar with the homework policy of the school;
  • provide feedback to the school regarding problems such as time, difficulty, and progress;
  • provide a home atmosphere suitable for quiet study: a place with adequate light, a desk or table, and a dictionary. Limit distractions;
  • encourage children to study at a regular time;
  • check in the student planner to ensure that homework is not put off until the last minute;
  • take an interest in homework set but do not over-supervise;
  • give only that kind of help which enables the child to clarify any misunderstanding of the homework;
  • encourage the child to do his or her best at all times and to avoid depending upon others for help;
  • compliment the child when work is neat and well done;
  • follow a consistent policy of firm but friendly concern and interest in your child's homework;
  • support the school policy and teachers regarding good regular study habits and the need for regular homework;
  • check and sign the planner each week. Use the student planner to liaise with your child’s form tutor.

If there is a problem with homework, parents should initially contact the student’s tutor for clarification. Homework will not be set ‘for the sake of it’ and therefore it may not be set every week. In many areas of the curriculum, projects which last for more than one week are set as homework. If there is no homework set pupils are expected to review their previous work. This has been proven to be a valuable element of the learning process.

Please refer to the Homework section in the student planner for guidance for students.