Learning Together For The Future

Fifth Aim

All members of the school community should create an innovative learning environment.

The learning environment refers to that found both within and beyond the School gates.

  • The School supports effective learning and innovative teaching through the optimum allocation of financial resources.
  • The School ensures that building stock, appropriate to student numbers and the curriculum, is regularly re-decorated and well maintained.
  • The School provides learning environments that are stimulating and inviting places in which to learn and work.
  • The School displays work to celebrate student achievement and ensures that it is updated regularly.
  • The School is committed to sharing good practice and evaluating teaching and learning.
  • The School provides opportunities for relevant high quality professional development designed to encourage imaginative and inspirational learning and teaching.
  • The School ensures that all learners are provided with opportunities for training which make the best use of ICT equipment and applications to support their work
  • The School develops the use of the latest technology to enhance student learning and to support all aspects of its work.
  • The School uses the most appropriate and effective ways of communicating with parents and the wider community.