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Celebrating A Level Success!

Celebrating A Level Success!

Congratulations to our Year 13 students who received their A Level results this morning. School opened early so that the Upper Sixth could open their envelopes and get on with securing their university places and apprenticeships.

It’s been a lovely day in school celebrating the success of our students after another year of outstanding A Level results at Ecclesbourne.

Year 13 have done themselves proud and notwithstanding the change to more demanding linear A levels, students have done even better than last year. 86% of grades were at A*-C, 63% at A*-B and 32% at A*-A. No fewer than 22 students gained all As and A*s. Five gained places at Oxford or Cambridge University and four secured places to read Medicine. This level of consistency and high performance can only be achieved by students who are determined and resilient, supported by parents and carers and staff with the highest levels of professionalism and dedication. We are deeply grateful to our whole staff, parents and our governors – everyone makes a difference.

Ours is – proudly – a broad entry sixth form and I know how hard all our staff and students have worked to ensure everyone achieved their potential whatever their aptitude. We are delighted that the vast majority have now been placed on the university courses or apprenticeships of their choice.

We are thrilled and very proud of our students’ success which continues The Ecclesbourne School’s tradition of high academic achievement for all. Today’s outcomes serve as a testament to the commitment of our students, the skill and dedication of our staff and Governors and the incredible support we receive from parents and carers.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your summer.