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Careers Guidance at Ecclesbourne (CEIAG)

On this webpage you will find useful links as well as up-to-date news on careers events and opportunities in the local area.

Careers staff


Careers programme

CEIAG begins from Year 7 and continues through to Year 13. The programme includes lessons based on career planning, self-evaluation, making decisions, economic well-being, employability skills, etc. Lessons are taught within the weekly PDC programme delivered by form tutors. These lessons are supported by annual events held within School, such as Year 9 Enterprise Day, Year 11 Careers Fair, as well as trips, visits and external speakers and assemblies. Careers related events are also organised and delivered by other faculties within the School. All students in Year 10 undertake a week of Work Experience, and in Year 12 all students are offered the opportunity of doing Work Experience as part of their 16-19 study programme.

The CEIAG provision at Ecclesbourne School is mapped against the CDI Framework and the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our provision is reviewed annually by the Head of Careers.


Year 7-9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12 -13

Money Matters

Introducing Careers

Self-evaluation, decision-making and 14+ Options

Money and You

Work Experience

Career pathways & making applications

Economic well-being


Gap Years and Volunteering

18+ Applications and snterview skills


The School website has pages dedicated to careers information, with links to useful websites. Parents are sent letters at key points of the year giving information pertinent to the age of their child/children.


Measuring the impact of our careers programme

The Head of Careers produces a document each September which details the destinations of all school leavers. This information is interpreted alongside the impact data, i.e. the data recorded by the Head of Careers, about student participation in careers events. Any emerging patterns is used to inform future planning of CEIAG.

Bi-annually the Careers Department is assessed by Career Mark, an independent CEIAG award validated by The Quality in Careers Standard Board (QiCS). The date of the last assessment was May 2018. The School was given the Gold Award – the highest achievement possible.

 This information will be reviewed in July 2020


 Click here to get to our PDC page, on which you will find information about the careers lessons delivered in school through the PDC curriculum.

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