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Book Group

Our Book Group students are currently reading the books nominated for The CILIP Carnegie Medal 2020. There are 91 titles nominated as contenders to win this prestigious award. The medal is awarded to a book written in English for children and young people that creates an outstanding reading experience through writing.


4 November 2019
Nominations published – 91 titles

20 February 2020
Longlist announcement – 20 titles

19 March 2020
Shortlist announcement – 8 titles

Shadowing group reading, reviews & shadowing activity

1 – 10 June 2020
Shadowers’ Choice Awards voting open

17 June 2020
2020 Medal winner announced

Author & Title Age rating
Ahmed, Samira. Internment YEAR 9
Applebaum, Kirsty. The Middler  
Atta, Dean (author) Khullar, Anshika (illustrator). The Black Flamingo NOT IN STOCK
Barr, Emily. The Girl Who Came Out of the Woods YEAR 9
Bates, Laura. The Burning YEAR 9
Bilan, Jasbinder. Asha & the Spirit Bird  
Blackman, Malorie. Crossfire YEAR 9
Boyce, Frank Cottrell (author) Lenton, Steven (illustrator). Runaway Robot NOT IN STOCK
Brahmachari, Sita. Where The River Runs Gold  
Bruton, Catherine. No Ballet Shoes in Syria  
Bunzl, Peter. Skycircus  
Burton, Jessie (author) Barrett, Angela (illustrator). The Restless Girls NOT IN STOCK
Bushby, Aisha. A Pocketful of Stars  
Butterworth, Jess. Swimming Against the Storm  
Carroll, Sarah. The Words That Fly Between Us  
Carthew, Natasha. Only The Ocean  
Coelho, Joseph (author) Judd, Kelly Louise (illustrator). A Year of Nature Poems  
Collins, Orlagh. All the Invisible Things YEAR 9
Crossan, Sarah. Toffee YEAR 8
Darbon, Mel. Rosie Loves Jack YEAR 9
Dawson, Juno. Meat Market YEAR 9
de Waal, Kit. Becoming Dinah YEAR 9
DiCamillo, Kate. Louisiana's Way Home NOT IN STOCK
Dogar, Sharon. Monsters NOT IN STOCK
Donnelly, Jennifer. Stepsister YEAR 9
Drews, C.G.. The Boy Who Steals Houses YEAR 8
Durant, Alan. Clownfish  
Eagle, Judith (author) Geyer, Kim (illustrator).The Secret Starling  
Edge, Christopher. The Longest Night of Charlie Noon  
Fisher, Catherine. The Clockwork Crow  
Foxlee, Karen. Lenny's Book of Everything  
Gosling, Sharon. The Golden Butterfly  
Green, Julia. The House of Light  
Green, Simon James. Alex in Wonderland YEAR 9
Harrison, Michelle. A Pinch of Magic  
Harrold, A.F. (author) Gravett, Emily (illustrator).The Afterwards  
Jackson, Holly. A Good Girl's Guide To Murder YEAR 9
Jackson, Sharna. High Rise Mystery  
Jacobs, Jaco (author) Geldenhuys, Kobus (translator). A Good Night For Shooting Zombies NOT IN STOCK
James, Anna. Pages & Co (1): Tilly and the Bookwanderers  
James, Lauren. The Starlight Watchmaker YEAR 8
Jennings, Paul (author) Kelly, Geoff (illustrator). A Different Land  
Johnson, Catherine (author) Hickey, Katie (illustrator). Race to the Frozen North  
Juckes, Sarah Ann. Outside NOT IN STOCK
Kalhan, Savita. That Asian Kid NOT IN STOCK
Khan, Muhammad (author) Birdi, Amrit (illustrator). Kick the Moon YEAR 9
Khan, Rehan. A Tudor Turk YEAR 8
Lake, Nick. Nowhere on Earth  
Lawrence, Patrice. Rose, Interrupted YEAR 9
Leonardo, Cory. Call Me Alastair  
Lewis, Gill. The Closest Thing to Flying  
Littleson, Lindsay. Guardians of the Wild Unicorns  
MacDibble, Bren. The Dog Runner  
McCombie, Karen. Little Bird Flies  
McGowan, Anthony. Lark  
McKay, Hilary. The Skylarks' War  
Millwood Hargrave, Kiran. The Way Past Winter  
Ness, Patrick (author) Cai, Rovina (illustrator). And the Ocean Was Our Sky  
Newbery, Linda. The Key to Flambards  
Nielsen, Susin. No Fixed Address NOT IN STOCK
Oppel, Kenneth. Inkling  
Owen, David. All the Lonely People YEAR 9
Palmer, Tom. Armistice Runner  
Patrick, S.A.. A Darkness of Dragons  
Peters, Helen. Anna at War  
Plummer, Rachel (author) Boppert, Helene (illustrator). Wain NOT IN STOCK
Pollock, Tom. Heartstream YEAR 9
Rahman, Yasmin. All the Things We Never Said NOT IN STOCK
Rai, Bali. Now or Never: A Dunkirk Story  
Rees, Celia. Glass Town Wars YEAR 9
Reid, Louisa. Gloves Off YEAR 9
Ribay, Randy. Patron Saints of Nothing YEAR 9
Rundell, Katherine. The Good Thieves NOT IN STOCK
Rundell, Katherine (author) Williams, Kristjana S. (illustrator). Into the Jungle  
Russo, Meredith. Birthday YEAR 9
Schaap, Annet (author) Watkinson, Laura (translator). Lampie and the Children of the Sea NOT IN STOCK
Schmidt, Gary D.. Pay Attention, Carter Jones  
Scott, Libby & Westcott, Rebecca. Can You See Me?  
Sedgwick, Marcus & Julian (authors) Voyages in the Underworld of Orpheus Black NOT IN STOCK  
Shukla, Nikesh. The Boxer YEAR 9
Strange, Lucy. Our Castle by the Sea  
Sutcliffe, William. The Gifted, the Talented and Me YEAR 8
Talley, Robin. Pulp NOT IN STOCK
Taylor, Thomas. Malamander  
Thomas, Angie. On The Come Up YEAR 9
Vick, Chris. Girl. Boy. Sea. NOT IN STOCK
Wheatle, Alex. Kerb Stain Boys  
Williams, Marcia. Cloud Boy  
Williamson, Lisa. Paper Avalanche YEAR 9
Winter, Tamsin. Jemima Small Versus the Universe  
Wormell, Chris. The Magic Place