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Key Stage 4 (AQA)

Course Overview

This is a new, exciting and unique course which is available to students with a genuine interest in art and desire to be creative.

The course will explore work using a range of 2D and/or 3D processes and techniques which cover at least two of the following areas: - drawing and painting, mixed media (including collage and assemblage), sculpture, printmaking and photography.

Students will research and examine the work of artists, designers and craftspeople from the past as well as current practitioners throughout the course. They will also participate in workshops with practicing artists and printmakers. Regular work is completed in sketchbooks, particularly throughout year 10.

Assessment Criteria:

Component 1 - Portfolio (60%)

Students will produce a range of work for their portfolio during Year 10 and the autumn term in Year 11.

Students will be introduced to new techniques and working methods whilst practicing the fundamental skills of drawing and painting. The use of photography and ICT will be encouraged when necessary throughout the projects' development.

Students will be given the opportunity to participate in either a printmaking workshop during Year 10 or a gallery visit to see helpful and relevant pieces of art work that will inspire their own projects in the class room.

The final portfolio will include more than one full project with selected areas from other projects completed during the course.

Component 2 - Externally Set Assignment - (40%)

During the spring term in Year 11 students will choose a starting point from the selection offered by the examination Board (AQA). They will then create a project that explores the theme and develop ideas for a final 2D or 3D response.

The final piece will then be produced during a 10 hour examination which takes place in the Art class room bases.

The Art and Design examination will take place before students leave in Year 11 to sit their other GCSE examinations. There is no written test involved in this course.

Where next?

It is expected that students who wish to study Art at a higher level will have studied at GCSE. It is also seen as a valuable subject in certain careers for example architecture and art therapy.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Art curriculum please email for more information.