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Key Stage 4 (Edexcel)

Course Overview

The course is flexible and covers a wide variety of styles and musical tastes, building on the skills learnt at Key Stage 3. It covers performing, composing and listening through the musical exploration of four areas of study.

The areas of study include:

  • Popular Music
  • World Music
  • Music in the 20th Century
  • Western Classical Music

You will enjoy this subject if you like any kind of music. The course will help you gain confidence, work in groups and express yourself. Most Colleges and Universities are looking for creativity as an accompaniment to other subjects. You will learn how to hone your performance skills, write songs and analyse music in new ways.

Assessment Criteria

Component 1 - Coursework (60%)

Students will complete either two compositions, or one composition and one performance. Each element is weighted at 30% of the final grade.

Component 2 - Examination (40%)

Students will sit a Listening and Appraising exam in Year 11. Questions are answered while listening to a CD. The exam covers all four areas of study.

Where next?

Students who have chosen to study GCSE Music can then study Music at A-Level or a BTEC Music qualification.

If you have any questions or queries relating to the Music curriculum please email for more information.