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Work Experience - Year 10

Work experience is an excellent opportunity for students to experience the world of work and develop as an individual in a new environment. All students in Year 10 and Year 12 undertake a week of work experience in the Summer Term. Students are encouraged to find their own placements with the support of the school.

Year 10 dates - Monday 29th June to Friday 3rd July 2020

Year 12 dates – Monday 13th July to Friday 17th July 2020

What the students say:

"I got see to see first-hand how Rolls Royce operates and the level of commitment they treat all the orders with. I also was introduced to the apprenticeships process and possible jobs at Rolls Royce." Year 10 student - July 2019

"The best thing was meeting new people and being in new places. Learning about different roles and the business" Year 10 student - July 2019

What the employers say:

"Adam has really got stuck into the areas of work we set for him. He was a real asset." July 2019

"Eve has been a pleasure to have with us, we wish her every success in her future career." July 2019

"Had a fantastic week with Will, we couldn’t have asked anymore from him." July 2019

"A team player, good listener and excellent with staff and patients alike." July 2019

Work experience is a hugely valuable experience, not merely the week of placement but the preparation – through researching placements, writing letters and verbally confirming the placement. Work Experience lessons will look at issues such as health and safety, conduct in the work place and the importance of developing transferrable skills. Throughout the process students complete a Work Experience Journal. A follow up activity takes place for Year 10 in school where students reflect on their working week and skills gained.


How can I help my son/daughter with work experience?

What is the green form?
The internal document that the student completes to let us know contact details of where they are going and gives permission from Parents/Carers.

What happens if we don’t meet the February deadline?
The deadline is early to allow all placements to be inspected by Derbyshire County Council (DCC) for Health and Safety, insurance and safeguarding purposes. We will be able to process forms handed in after the deadline but prefer it to be early to ensure all checks can be made and the student isn’t distracted by arranging work experience in the Summer Term.

How can I help my son/daughter find a placement?

Use the Derbyshire County Council database.

Username: ecclesbourne

Password: available from your form tutor or the Careers Office

A website managed by DCC lists a huge range of work experience opportunities in the Derbyshire area. This should be the students’ first stop in finding a placement. The database is just the starting point of the application process - from the database students will find out contact details and from there they will have to apply to the employer directly, to see if a placement is available. It is the students’ responsibility to try to find their own placement.

Do placements have to be from the database?
No - If your son/daughter wishes to go to a workplace which is not on the database then it is still possible for them to do that; once accepted students must complete the green work experience form and submit to Mrs Parker, Careers. A request will be generated to the council that they visit the workplace to check the Health and Safety. This process can take a number of weeks, however, so it is vital that this information is passed to us prior to February 2020 half term, in order that the checks be undertaken before work experience week.

Can placements be outside Derbyshire?
In exceptional circumstances a student might wish to go to a place of work which is ‘out of county’. In such cases a charge of up to £90 plus VAT for Health and Safety inspection plus administrative costs, (unless they are already registered with another local authority), is incurred. This cost must be met by parents/carers, not the school. These placements take much longer to be processed by the DCC, therefore, requests for “out of county” placements received after February half term will not be permitted.

What if we have found a placement but they can’t accommodate the school dates?
In this situation we suggest that you arrange the work experience within the school holidays and search for a second work experience for the main school week.

What if we need extra help finding a placement?
If students experience difficulties in arranging a placement, support and advice is offered within school from form tutors and ourselves, “drop-in” lunchtime sessions will be available and advertised to students in due course. Please encourage students to see us sooner, rather than later, if they are struggling.

Mrs Parker (Work Experience Co-ordinator) -

Miss Earp (Head of Careers and PDC) –
01332 843236

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