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General Studies

Key Stage 5

It’s time to change your mind about General Studies. Did you know that many universities (including Russell group) accept it as a contribution to UCAS, and in past years it has been the subject which has enabled students to gain their university place? It can even be classed as a third subject at A2, which is great if things don’t quite go to plan in one of your AS exams. Add to that the fact that it will only take up one hour of your week and you will have a really useful addition to your studies.

At both AS and A2, the examination is based on ‘Culture and Society’ and ‘Science and Society.’ Examination is by comprehension, data response, case study, essay and multiple choice responses. As the content of the exam could be taken from any of the above areas, the best form of preparation is to read widely and to keep up to date through reading a “good quality” newspaper, following programmes such as News Night or Question Time and listening to radio stations (such as Radio 4) that discuss topical issues from a range of perspectives.

In addition to the General Studies programme, students are given techniques to improve their study skills, such as essay writing, note taking, analysing and evaluating.

Entry Requirements:

5 GCSEs A*-C

Where can General Studies take me?
  • An A Level in General Studies shows universities that you have a broad knowledge and a range of skills from different disciplines. Whilst the subject does not have a corresponding degree course or career, the UCAS points you can gain and the transferable skills you can demonstrate means that for many students, this is an essential subject in allowing them to move on to their chosen HE or career choice.
Possible Subject Combinations:

The majority of students will be automatically entered for the General Studies exam and it is compulsory to take the subject at AS. It acts as a useful compliment to all subjects, but also increases your general knowledge, which is essential for university interviews. All students study General Studies in Year 12, apart from those, identified by their Head of Year, as suitable for the ‘Study Plus’ option.

Unit 1: Culture and Society 1 hour 30 minute exam in Summer term 50% (25% of A2)
Unit 2: Science and Society 1 hour 30 minute exam in Summer term 50% (25% of A2)
Unit 3: Culture and Society 2 hour exam in Summer term 25%
Unit 4: Science and Society 2 hour exam in Summer term 25%